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MAMA Youth Project (MYP) aims to equip young people from 18-25 years of age with the skills and experience to secure long-term, fulfilling employment in the TV and media industry. We particularly focus on young people from under-represented groups and those with limited educational or employment opportunities, including unemployed graduates. We are committed to getting young people into employment and to bringing diversity to the media industry.

Our Training Programmes

A unique aspect of our training model is that it puts participants into a 'real-time' work situation during which they have to work in a team to produce broadcast quality content. Participants are trained in core skills including research, contributor sourcing, camera work, lighting, sound operation, location-finding, editing & production paperwork. We are currently running two training schemes, What's Up TV Training and East London TV Training. To find out more go to Our Training tab.

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“I was given the opportunity to develop crucial skills needed to succeed in an industry that once seemed completely inaccessible to someone like me.”

  MAMA Youth alumni, Natalie Methu, writes about her incredible journey to becoming a production secretary for Wall To Wall, a Warner Bros UK production company. “Before MAMA Youth Project I had graduated with a degree in English Language and had started working at…

” I started MAMA Youth Project a low self esteemed girl and left a completely different person.”

Roxanna Olympios is 26 years of age, she completed the MAMA Youth training last year in June. “Before MYP I was stuck in retail for two years in Westfield and always dreamed of working for channel 4 or the BBC, which is just opposite…